Welcome to Atomicon s.r.o.

Atomicon Ltd is a modern developing company, focused on building and developement of on-line GIS solutions for small businesses or civil service subjects. Also we offer proffesional services like data colection, digitization, vectorization, data cleansing, analytics, real-time monitoring and more...

Keeps you informed about your stuff.

Bring your records to 21st century

We plan, design, & develop websites to enable businesses to grow while gaining a competitive advantage

Transferring your data into present digital platforms brings you significant benefits from information you already have.

We are also equipped to collect and update your data in field.

Water pressure, water level, CO2, noise – we can measure all of that and more.

We are GIS experts who can design and build your personalized on-line small GIS from scratch.

Atomicon - web based property management system

Be aware of your town and your council properties. Be informed about the state of public lighting, roads, traffic signs etc. Get warnings regarding ending warranty period, insurance contract or necessary revision. Have your documents always within your grasp.

Online application for small towns and villages who want to use modern technologies to bring more effectiveness to their daily routine. Our system is GIS based administrative orientated application, which allows you to store, administrate and visualize your data online. The access to your data is realized through a map interface where you can easily see all the properties in your region of interest including your documents, notes and inbuilt calendar..

Engineering network managers' web based module

Be in constant touch with engineering networks under your jurisdiction. Be perfectly informed about the situation in field before you leave the office. Give your client an option to report issues directly on your website. Have your documents always within your grasp.

We would like to introduce you a new web based application designed by experts from your field which brings GIS solution to clients who don't want to invest into fully blown commercial software. Through the using of the application you'll get easier access to your information, improved communication with customers and background of experienced GIS team of operators who'll keep your data up to date.

Website building, online stores

Are you starting a company, an online store or do you need a professional web presentation?

Our company provides a wide range of services in web design field. We ensure the whole process of building a simply successful web starting with booking a domain through creative web design and the programming itself, up to the web marketing services.

We can create a website reflecting your needs where your customers can find exactly what they want. We allow you to be a content supervisor. We push the web through to your clients and highlight you above your competition.

Data collection, spatial analysis and map creation

Our company is also equipped to collect your data in field including GPS surveying, measuring level of noise, forest mapping or statistic readings. Also we are able to cleanse and process your data as well as to provide spatial analysis and create and print professional maps.

Vectorization, digitization and data management services

Are you an owner or a manager of engineering networks, buildings, public lighting or similar? Would you benefit from switch to a digital platform? We can help.

We are able to ensure vectorization services for your projects. Our experienced team can vectorise or digitize your data including choice of the best platform, building data model, database model etc. We also provide data management and actualization services.

Sensors, real time monitoring and online visualization

Do you want to be informed about the pressure in your water or gas network, level of water in your well? Are you interested in knowing how noisy is the main road in your town or do you want to know level of CO2 in your school? Do you have an use for meteo-data?

Thanks to a close cooperation with a specialized electrotechnic developer, we had an opportunity to encounter this specific field. We are able to offer real time readings and online visualization of complex measuring devices and sensors, supplied by our partner. In case of your interest we can include the readings into our GIS system, build for you a specialized website or create a web service for use on your own website.

Specialized GIS systems and database programming

Are you a small or middle size company? Would you use a GIS system in your work? Don't you want to invest in an expensive commercial solution?

We can develop a specialized web based GIS for you. With use of open-source technologies we can keep your costs down. We are able to ensure the whole project realization from the beginning to the end.